Everblade League Rules!

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Everblade League Rules! Empty Everblade League Rules!

Post  Yeww on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:24 pm

Hello Below Are The Everblade League Rules:

First off to challenge the league you must register for the league by posting your team and PO username in to the Everblade League Registration Thread

Your team may not:

1: Include any pokemon that are counted as UBER

2: Use any pokemon declared banned by SMOGON

3: Not use banned combos or abilities such as Sand Veil, Drizzle/Swim etc.

You may only challenge each Gym one time a day, if you lose.. I'm sorry you will have to wait for the next day Sad

Each Gym Leader will have a forum thread which will keep track of who has earned their badge so people cant lie about earning a badge when they lost the Gym Battle.

Once you have successfuly earned all 13 Gym Badges you may challenge the Champion League if you successfully beat the E4 in-a-row and then successfully beat the champion you will be inducted in to the Everblade hall of fame and become the new Champion!

Please check this thread often as we may add new Rules! Smile

Regards, Yeww! Very Happy


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