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Dragon Destiny's Gym Empty Dragon Destiny's Gym

Post  Chilly on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:52 am

Welcome to Dragon Destiny's Gym.

Dragon Destiny's Gym 445Dragon Destiny's RulesDragon Destiny's Gym 445

1.No uber pokemon will be allowed.
2.Sleep clause,species,Freeze,item,Self-ko Are all in effect.
3.Not being a fair player won't be apreciated.
4.insulting,saying vulgar words won't be tolerated.
5.You won't get the badge untill you beat me.
6.Asking for the Badge without defeating me won't be given.
7.I will be taking one chalenge per day for each trainer.
8.NO shadow tag

Dragon Destiny's Gym 635Want a Gym badge?Dragon Destiny's Gym 635

1.Register your team by posting here.
2.Don't forget to put what type is the hidden power.
3.I will challenge you once you create an account in the forums and registering your team here.
4.Make sure when you register your team to tell me what is your name in the server.
5.I will chalenge once per day for each trainer meaning no double gym battle per day.
6.I will be uploading your trainer cards here

Dragon Destiny's Gym 373Registed trainersDragon Destiny's Gym 373


Dragon Destiny's Gym 149People's Trainer card.Dragon Destiny's Gym 149

Dragon Destiny's Gym 148Trainer won against meDragon Destiny's Gym 148

Dragon Destiny's Gym 461fTrainer Lost against meDragon Destiny's Gym 461f

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Dragon Destiny's Gym Empty Re: Dragon Destiny's Gym

Post  Ardaal on Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:19 pm

Username: Ardaal
Team: Ninetails, Volcarona, Lillligant, Dugtrio, Gothitelle, Sableye
Ninetails HPower: Ice, Gothi HPower: Dragon

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